You've been getting green or blue pictures underwater and the only solution you've been getting is: GET A STROBE or use an editing software to correct the colors.

My collection of pictures are all taken on simple compact cameras with NO FLASH or STROBES used with no "spot editing" done.

Simple and clean shots that anyone can take (without having to spend additional money on bulky equipment that you will need to carry around or dive with - while blinding fish). You just need to know a few simple steps to set on your camera get the REAL colors back into your photos...

The reason why I've gone on to shoot over 50,000 pictures using natural light is because "what I see with MY eyes, is what the camera captures and not the artificial colors and effects a strobe adds in...".

Imagine taking a candle light dinner with a flash and without one...which one captures the true mood of the night?

All you need is your standard camera, standard housing and 2 dives to be able to take pictures like I've posted on this page.

- Strobeless on G7, G9, G10, Sea & Sea, Ixus, Lumix, Coolpix (Click HERE)

- See the strobeless difference
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scuba tim's photostream

S95 - inside a squirtS95 - UNCROPPED & UNEDITEDHidden jewel inside a squirtscubaTIM visits Anilao 2012scubaTIM visits Anilao 2012Hugging her babies...
scubaTIM visits Anilao 2012S95 strobeless with no PS or LR editing...S95 strobeless with no PS or LR editing...S95 strobeless with no PS or LR editing...S95 strobeless with no PS or LR editing...S95 strobeless with no PS or LR editing...
S95 strobeless with no PS or LR editing...IMG_3503Uncropped & UneditedUncropped & UneditedUncropped & UneditedBuilt-in Flash used
back light torchedhandheld torch series in b/whandheld torch series in b/whandheld torch series in b/wHandheld torch seriesHandheld torch series


Photo of the day 7 June 2011

Sunset behind the Nudi by scuba tim

Photo of the day 26 August 2011


Photo of the day 5 October 2011

The bright & gloom
(Strobed)'s 2010/2011 Annual Winner's List

(11,000 entries - Wide Angle - Natural Light Category)

From My Personal Favorites

(Tim: No Strobe, No Flash, No Photo Shop, No Light Room, No lense, NOT cropped - taken in Mabul on Compact Camera)


I also made a video of this frogfish after I posted it online, I received an email from Germany (June 2010):

Hello Tim,

I am contacting you from Planetopia, a scientific TV show broadcasted on SAT1, one of Germany's leading free TV channels.

In our next episode (to be broadcasted on June 27) we will have a short film on yawning and would love to include you yawning frogfish video.

I guess that you resp.
XXXXXXXXXXXXX are the copyrightholder of this clip. Therefore I would like to ask for your permission to broadcast it in our show Planetopia. We should be glad to credit you resp. XXXXXXXXXXXXX accordingly.

It would be great if we had your reply as quickly as possible, as the editing will start tomorrow, Friday.

Thank you and best wishes
News and Pictures Fernsehen GmbH & Co.KG
Tel. +49/ 6131/600 28 37

(Tim: Unfortunately, I only read this message after the deadline...sigh...)

Compact Camera Videography on the Canon Powershot S95

Imagine where I was when EVERY ONE of all these pictures were taken?

Redang with Turtle Bay Divers

Turtle Bay Divers in Redang

Goat Fish in Perhentian

Goat Fish